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Live webcasts are available for a number of key events at the IPY 2012 Conference, including: the Opening Ceremony, Keynote presentations and Plenary panels. By watching the webcast from your home, work, or organizing to gather together to watch with others, IPY 2012 will offer you an opportunity to learn about the latest findings from cutting-edge Polar Research and hear from polar visionaries about what is in store for our future.

Click here to watch the webcast.

While watching the webcast of live events, you can also post questions and comments through social media such as Twitter (#IPY2012) and Facebook. By participating through social media, you will engage in important global conversations about the multifaceted changes occurring at the Earth's Poles. Conference organizers will then profile the exchanges both by fielding questions from Twitter during afternoon plenary panels, as well as displaying feeds on digital displays throughout the conference facility.

If you miss the live events, you can still take part by watching the archived webcasts.

Archived Webcasts

Click on the dates to view the titles of video presentations.
Click on titles of presentations to watch the video.

Monday, 23 April

Opening Ceremony (8h30-10h30)

Opening Keynote: Dr. G. H. Brundtland (11h00 - 12h00)

Luncheon Speaker: Steve MacLean (12h00)

Plenary Panel: Poles and Global Linkages (15h30 - 17h00)

Tuesday, 24 April

Keynote Policy Address: Dr. David J. Hayes & Plenary Keynote: Aqqaluk Lynge (8:30 - 9:30)

Luncheon Performances (12h00)

Plenary Panel: Adaptation to Change (15h30 - 17h00)

Wednesday, 25 April

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Louis Fortier & The Weston Prize (8:30 - 9:30)

Plenary Panels Ecosystems Science & Steweardship (15h30 - 17h00)

Thursday, 26 April

Keynote Policy Address: Dr. Palle Christiansen & Plenary Keynote: Dr. Sheila Jasanoff (8:30 - 9:30)

Luncheon Speaker: M. Igor Krupnik(12h00)

Plenary Panel: Plenary Panel Communities & Health (15h30 - 17h00)

Friday, 27 April

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jose Xavier (8:30 - 9:30)

Closing Ceremony (12h00)