November 30 2018

4 Reasons Why Some People Think Black Hat SEO Tactics Work

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If you are trying to make your website’s rank higher, then you must have heard about black hat SEO. The famous saying is that black hat SEO works like magic and make your website number one in a jiffy.

If it works that fast, it is bad. As per the SEO services in Toronto, black hat includes any technique which is against the rules of Google. Many practitioners consider the black hat SEO as a useful technique and prod others to use the technique as well.

Below are the reasons why using the tactics some websites can still make their rank higher.

It Is In a Budding Stage

The whole concept of search engine optimization is still in the budding stage. Google, however, tries to take adequate steps as soon as they get the notion that something is wrong with the website.

The black hat Practitioners, however, still uses it to get a faster result. The SEO services in Toronto points out that some of the practitioners believe in churn and burn method. In that method, they use the technique to give a sudden boost to the website. They enjoy the money that the site is making while Google is still unaware of it. Once Google catches the website and punishes it, they leave the domain and start a new one.

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There Is Some Spammier Industry

You must be familiar with all the spam emails that you get every day. Well, some of the websites use aggressive marketing technique to reach new people. As per the SEO services in Toronto, industries such as mortgage and loans, online casinos, adult industries etc. uses black hat technique. In these cases, Google has no choice but to let them have the top ranking as all of them use black hat techniques.

They Are Using a Long-Tailed Keyword

It does not matter whether you are using black hat or white hat SEO, if your keyword is long and unique you will get ranking for that. Do not get fooled by such cajoling words of any person who is trying to preach how great the technology is. The experienced pros of SEO services in Toronto think that most website owners who practice SEO know about this sham. Check before believing any words of any person before validating it yourself.

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SEO Ranking Can Be Interpreted In Different Ways

Most of the SEO campaigns use various techniques to get the proper ranking of their websites. You can get easily confused about the technique which is actually producing the result. For example, you might get an extraordinary ranking after using 100 white hat technique and 1 black hat technique. Now it depends entirely on your mind if you think that the success is due to the white hat ones or the black hat ones. Thus, when judging the causes of the success of a particular page, try to count all the aspects before reaching any result.

The point is that you should conduct a good assessment before reaching the conclusion. If you think something is working on your website, then better leave other factors as it is and check whether it really works or not. You can take help of the SEO services in Toronto anytime to get more information about it.



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