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Month: June 2017

Biggest Medical Research: Does Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer?

The existing medical treatments for cancer are highly expensive, riddled with side-effects and do not give any guarantee of working in the end. Although cancer treatment has come a long way in the last few decades, there is still a vast unexplored territory that the researchers are shining light upon day by day.

Thousands of clinical research studies are taking place for cancer treatments right this moment. However, apart from the conventional medical treatments, a number of alternative treatment methods have also been suggested. One of them is the use of cannabis oil to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.

does cannabis oil cure cancer

Does Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer?

When this idea was first suggested it seemed like a farfetched thought and was brushed off by the mainstream medical society. However, gradually, cancer specialists and researchers started taking interest in this suggested treatment and it has been the subject a number of studies since. The results of these studies have been neither conclusive not discouraging. In fact, the finding has spurred on the interest of other research bodies.

Does cannabis oil cure cancer is a question still up for debate. However, here is a concise and simple discussion of the relationship that has been found between cannabis oil and cancer cell death. Although it has been found that cannabis compounds have killed cancer cell in laboratories, this in no way means that it is to be used as treatment.

That being said, it has been found that programmed cell death in the body which prevents mutated cells from growing and dividing stops if the body in cancer. This allows the cancer cells to grow in the body and the body cannot do any anything to stop it. However, THC and CBD (cannaboid) have been found to trigger programmed cell death. This has been seen in several types of cancers, leading researchers to believe that cannabis might play a role in future cancer treatments. Cannabis has also successfully stopped the growth of tumors in rats in lab experiments.

However, although the research findings have been nothing but encouraging, no studies have been done on human subjects for obvious reasons. Cancer is not a simple disease and affects every patient differently. Hence, till more evidence is gathered from studies, the question does cannabis oil cure cancer is likely to remain just an encouraging possibility.

The Various Uses of Medical Cannabis  

Till whether or not cannabis can be used as cancer treatment is determined, there are several other uses of CBD that have been found. It can be used to provide relief from side effects of cancer treatment. For instance, CBD can help improve symptoms such as nausea and pain, two of the most terrible side effects of cancer treatment.

Apart from this, cannabis can also be used therapeutically for anxiety, depression, fatigue etc. It is strongly recommended that patients take the advice of their doctor before starting any treatment with cannabis on their own. Does cannabis oil treat cancer? A straight answer has not been reached yet but further research studies will definitely attempt to find out.